Introduction To Blog: Please Read

Dear Reader,

This blog,  Life and Literature in the Caribbean Diaspora, contains fifty specifically chosen discussion posts from Vanderbilt University’s English 271’s Life, Literature, and Music in the Caribbean Diaspora class.  I chose these discussion posts because they involve the common thread of the difficulty Caribbean migrants have when assimilating to a new culture. To organize the posts, I divided them into four sections within the blog: Caribbean Diaspora in Panama, Caribbean Diaspora in Canada, Caribbean Diaspora in England, and Caribbean Diaspora in the U.S.  Directly underneath, I have written four large blog posts that both summarize and analyze the contents of the various blog posts about these regions and in reference to the difficulty Caribbean migrants have when assimilating to their new countries.  Issues such as racism, ethnic diversity, violence, and poverty all make it extremely challenging for the Caribbean migrant to acclimate and assimilate to a new culture and my longer blog posts discuss these issues in detail.  My hopes for the blog was to build a forum, where the public can read about the Caribbean Diaspora and gain awareness to the inconveniences facing Caribbean migrants today.  Enjoy the blog.

Thank You,

Adam Bieber

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